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Title: Black Bellied Whistling Ducks 
Image Size: 8" x10"

Medium: Watercolor Painting


Original artwork can be very expensive, in my case its because I work on close-up, highly detailed, action compositions and each painting takes an average of 3 months to complete. So, I wanted to produce prints to help make my work a little more accessible to those of us on a smaller budget! To help keep my price point low I do not frame or matt any print. This keeps shipping cost as low as possible, while using the sturdiest and safest shipping boxes for art, Tubs! Each painting is photographed by a specialist company. Between us we are meticulous in matching these to the painting, and a print run won't be approved until we're happy. This is done to guarantee that what you buy is as close to owning the original artwork as possible.


I am limited by the speed of my printer, being an artist just starting out, these prints will only be created as ordered. I hope in the future to just order the whole lot at one time and mail them out, but its not that day just yet.


Love you all and thank you for helping my dreams come true. 


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Whistling Ducks

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