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Tital: I'm a Lady, Too

SIZE: 36” x 12" inches

MEDIUM: stretched canvas, Acrylic Painting, UV protective layer
Ready to hang upon arrival 


I am limited by my showing schedule so please understand that I could have it right now to mail to you or it could take a few weeks, being an artist just starting out I am a working artist. I will keep in contact with you about the original, its show schedule, what show it will be in, and it estimated arrival time. If it was accepted at a show when you perchase I may ask if I can still take it to the show but marked as sold. I understand if you say you want it right away, since I haven't sent it yet, and will respect your wishes :)


Love you all, and thank you for helping my dreams come true. 


Professionally packaged for safe shipment. Ship fully insured!


Life is just better with animals around!


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Apart of my animal educational series. Not only do I hope to teach my audience about an animal but teach myself something new about my subjects. I also try to break from traditional posses of my subjects to show them in all new ways. For instance a common pose for a Fox is usually them sitting stoically with there fur all fluffy, leaping for small pray under snow, or running through an open field.  This is a Original acrylic painting for sale and not a print. I also do request, commissions, or pet portraits. Just ask.

I'm a Lady, Too

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