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"I am not a Leopard" original painting by Kenya Ferrand-Ott

Framed and matted as seen in pics,

28"x 22"


This cheetah art is for cheetah lovers everywhere so if your international, contact me and we'll find out a shipping price for you :) This Cheetah portrait makes a great gift and a powerful statement.


A watercolor painting of the majestic Cheetah. A glorious animal that I have found most people can not identify by looking at its face. The cheetah is the only large cat with black tears running down its face other than just its spots or speed. We always see these animals in action and never get the opportunity to see the quiet moments in their lives. Yet so few people know the difference between a cheetah and a leopard when just looking at the face. That is why this guy is apart of my "I am not a ____" series. After completing so many people would walk by and say, "What a nice painting of a leopard". But only the Cheetah has the black cry lines on her face.


his was a great deal of fun to paint with the subtle changes from white to yellow and the harshness of the fur against the black background. The whiskers where a hoot without masking fluid.  


As with all artwork it is best to hang the print in a position with good light but out of direct sunlight.


Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for visiting!
Includes double matt. Ship fully insured!


Please contact me if there is an animal in your life that you would like to commission a painting off. I am always willing to listen to the wishes of others. Just don't ask me to spell :)

I Am Not A Jaguar - Watercolor Painting

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