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As for about this coloring page, meet the Horned Serpent, a mythological creature among the woodland native americans. Different tribes all have different descriptions of him and roles he played in stories. I loved the story that the Horned Serpent had a more noteworthy gem in the middle of his forehead. A gem that, if you take it from the serpent, you will be prosperous forever. But this dose not come without a cost. You may have wealth but not health. Descriptions range from a many banded water snake, to ones that are only  brown, some stories talk about deer like antlers, while others never mention them. I chose to think of its horns as something a little more true to life, thinking of its "Horn" as a  snakes crystal egg tooth used for hatching. The Serpent is of the earth and rivers in many stories, and with earth and water we often get crystal formations so I chose to over exaggerate the crystal growths of its scales. As to why I chose the Art Nouveau style, I feel that it parallels many themes in Native American cultures and in both styles both negative and positive space is important.  

I hope you all enjoy this coloring page as much as I did researching and creating it. Color it however you like and should you make a mistake, no worries, just print off a new page. Your purchase will be going towards funding a full coloring book of Native American stories characters. 

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Horned Serpent Coloring Page