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Original Acrylic painting

16”x 40"

Ready to hang on a wire hanger




A life-sized depiction of the Florida Mountain lion drinking at a fresh water stream with red-rested sun fish swimming just below the surface. Only took 2 and a half months. #Conservation awareness painting of the Florida Mountain Lion in his habitat with Rredbreasted Sunfish. As of the beginning of 2018, this subspecies of mountain lion is officially extinct and soon there will be little evidence they where ever here unless we do something about it. The US only has two big cats to its name and one is on the verge if going away forever. Not even the pretty animals get the publicity they used too. A 30% of the Proceeds from its sell, and the sell of its prints will be mailed off to the Defenders of wild life to restore the Mountain Lions habitats. I will be asking the buyer if I could please 🙏 keep it until May 2020 for an art exhibition. If not I understand.

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Florida Mountain Lion

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