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Hello, This is a DIGITAL custom coloring sheet of your fur and scaled babies. Please perchas 2 weeks before the desired finish date. Once you purchase this page contact me immediately with the picture you would like to have done. Number of pets dose not mater in the image. I can change backgrounds if you like, not a problem. If your baby has passed away, please do not tell me, I will start crying and won't be able to do the job as I'm also suffering from a lose myself. I am happy to do holiday themes, religion, or cultural themes for your babies. I love fur babies from everywhere and every walk of life. 


So send me your Bearded Dragons, you ball pythons, your pink towed tarantulas, you feathered friends, dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, I do don't care. 


There are 3 prices. Any work I do on the cheeper price will show up for sale in my shop to other customers. I do this to rase money for no kill shelters in my area (Lafayette Almost Home Pet Shelter). 


If you do not want your custom coloring page up in the shop for sale after completion then please chose the $40 option for you Digital copy. I will use your project in social media, my portfolio, and maybe as an image in this lis